Happy Birthday!

Hooray! It is the one year anniversary of Banter Street! Yup, a year a go today I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to rant and rave about a few things! So yeah, Happy Birthday Banter Street! Some of these posts have been pretty useful to some of you, you all … More Happy Birthday!

New Years Resolutions

Welcome to 2016! Thank you for giving me December off, I really appreciated the endless questioning over social media regarding the return of this blog! (That was sarcasm by the way…) Anyway here we are! Ready to discuss the first topic of the year… New Years Resolutions. So I set myself resolutions, every year. And to … More New Years Resolutions


Ever found yourself being really good at art and possibly the next Van Gogh but throw all of that away for the opportunity to paint your name on to a train? No, me neither. But it does make you wonder if it has ever happened to anyone… Graffiti goes one of two ways in my opinion, … More Graffiti


I have shared this particular frustration with many people, some of which agree with me, some even tell me that I am making a very valid point… Some just tell me to stop being so stupid. Lollipop Ladies… What is the point… The official definition of a Lollipop lady is, ‘a woman who is employed … More Stop!


“Good Evening Sir, may I help you take your bags to your room” – No, no you can’t and the reason why I am saying no is because I have successfully transported my luggage from my house to your hotel and therefore I feel more than capable of being able to continue transporting my own luggage … More Hotels

Coffee Shops

Before this begins I would like to make readers aware that I do not dislike coffee, I have nothing against it at all, in fact I occasionally I enjoy a delicious mug of caffeine. (I hate the word delicious by the way). Pretty much every meeting I go to now for work involves going to … More Coffee Shops

Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of the year again where Christmas is well and truly in full flow and we are all buzzing for Santa to come and visit us in the night whilst we sing repetitive Christmas songs in our sleep!… Right?!… NO. It’s October. I love Christmas – Christmas is cool. Haven’t got any complaints … More Christmas Spirit